They are not just for toasting bread. Whether you enjoy preparing a frozen pizza, toasting bread for breakfast, or warming up some left overs, under cabinet toaster ovens are some of the best home appliances to have.  Preferred by couples and singles who don’t like to fire up their wall ovens for small sized meals.

These Ovens are very much ideal for those who want to make a  quick great toast or quickly reheadt some left over food.  With today’s technology, their power consumption and cooking time has been reduced significantly.  With so many different varieties of toaster ovens, you need to buy one that best fits your needs.

Hanging Toaster Ovens as some call them, are also ideal for  small kitchens where counter space is limited.  However, you need to keep in mind that not all toaster ovens are meant to be under cabinet. Here is one highly rated under cabinet mount toaster available with great features.

The Black and Decker TROS100 SpaceMaker Digital Toaster

This is one of the most amazing under cabinet toaster ovens.  The Black and Decker Tros 100 is very convenient for toasting and heating up small portions of food.  As compared to others, it’s not only energy efficient but also features a sturdy construction.  The Hanging Toaster Oven is designed to fit well underneath the cabinets so as to help you free up your counter space.  It is very suitable for toasting, baking, and warming food.  The Black and Decker also comes with a spacious interior that can fit up to 4 slice of bread or 9 inch pizza.  It also comes with three functions, you can use it to bake, toast or keep food warm.

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How to select the right under cabinet toaster oven


While most toaster ovens come with a crumb pan and baking rack, higher end models often include accessories such as baking pan, upscale pizza stones, and broiler trays.  Choosing a set of custom accessories is therefore very important.

Adjustments and temperature range

Depending on the type of cooking you’ll be doing, flexible temperature is very important. This will help you handle everything from broiling fish at high temperature to toasting bread at very low temperature. The ability to fine tune the toast settings is also an added advantage.

Intuitive displays

Although it’s advisable to check the manual your oven should also have clear displays to help you understand without any extensive training. You need to make sure that the oven you are choosing is easy to use once you’re a familiar with the settings and display.

Automatic cook settings

If there are certain meals you prepare over and over again then you need a model with presets and automatic cook settings which can allow you to cook common items.

Safety features

Toaster ovens can easily become very hot which can pose hazards such as fire and burns. You therefore need to read reviews from other oven users so as to know about common safety concerns and including hot handles and hot spots.

Easy cleaning

The type of food you are likely to prepare may lead to a lot of mess, crumbs, or grease run off. It’s important to check whether your model has none stick interior is dishwasher safe.


Just like any other appliance, it’s very important to consider whether the price makes any sense for you.  If you have a large family who enjoys quick and to go meals or snacks, you may consider a larger toaster.