Slow Cookers can make your life easier.  They can really make cooking great meal simple.   Cooking fresh delicious meals no longer have take long tiring hours of slaving in the kitchen in front of the stove top.  By simply making use of slow cookers you do not only cut down on your energy bills but also have the opportunity to serve great home cooked meals.

Why does the slow cooker cook food slowly? Slow cookers do not reach high temperatures and cook food at temperatures much lower than normal. The food never really reaches the boiling point. The food cooks slowly in its own juices, with no chances of having to try and salvage a burnt dinner or even an overcooked meal.

Slow Cookers can be really  time savers.  They cut down cooking time by a lot and still lets you have fresh delicious healthy  meals.  After your set your slow cooker and add the ingredients, you can leave home in the morning and by the time you get home from work, the one-pot meal will be ready and dinner ready to serve.  You can now have freshly cooked meals containing healthy food every day.

Choose a slow cooker with removable round pots. These can be cleaned easily, and moreover, you can prepare the ingredients the night before and refrigerate them after putting them in the pot. In the morning, you will just need to pull the pot out, place it in the cooker and set it to cook.

Difficult and lower cost meats can also be cooked in the slow cooker with excellent results. The low heat and long hours make the meat tender and juicy.

The low temperatures mean less energy.  Actually, the slow cooker can help you economize on time, energy, and food bills and also lower your takeaway bills.

Buy a slow cooker which is big enough or even small enough for your family. It needs to be half or more full to cook properly. The bigger pots are good for large families and for those who host parties often.

Different slow cookers have different features to offer. Most have two settings for heat high and low. Some do have the medium option, and they are great to use when you are in a hurry and still want tasty meals. The slow cooker works with the lid on, keeping the food moist all the time.

Other useful features to look for are a timer and a keep warm mode. They are both essential if you plan to use it a lot for party cooking or if you would like to have a hot meal ready for you after a tiring day.

Enjoy the compliments you get when you use a slow cooker. You will be able to cook healthy and fresh food every day and still not have to spend hours on it. You will have more in your pockets to spend after saving on energy and takeaway bills.