A Multi Cooker is an automated kitchen cooking appliance that comes with multi pre-programmed functions to automatically cook meat, stews, soups, beans, chili, white or brown rice, and even make yogurt among other favorite meals.

Multi-cookers have multiple capabilities. They can simmer, bake, boil, steam, and stew food. All ingredients are placed inside the cooker, and you decide what function you want the multi-cooker to perform. After selecting the setting you want, simply leave the multi-cooker to do its cooking magic.

The Benefits of Multi Cooking Appliance

Multi-cookers became the rage about one year ago. Roughly 2.6 million Americans bought multi-cookers in 2017.  There are many benefits to owning them:

  • They cook food quickly.
  • Multi-cookers eliminate the need to own multiple appliances to perform multiple cooking functions, because they have a
    number of functions already built in.
  • Can be used to make yogurt or steam rice.  There is no need to go from one pan to the next to make sure
    everything is cooking properly.
  • Multi-cookers are also slow cookers and electric pressure cookers. They don’t need to be watched constantly, because they do all the work for you.
  • Multi-cookers sit on the countertop and can be placed anywhere in your kitchen. Some people have even thrown out pots and pans and have gotten multi-cookers as a replacement.
  • Portable – Multi Cookers are small enough that, they can be unplugged in you kitchen and connected in your neighbors or family member’s kitchen for that fun get together of festivity.

Desired Features In a Multi Cooker

Multi-cookers typically have multiple settings.  Many have temperature and time settings, as well as a power and enter button. One of the most desirable features of multi-cookers is the ability to select a program and let your multi-cooker start cooking.

They require no further interaction once they are turned on and have started the cooking process. Once you press “Start,” the machine is autonomous. There is no need to fiddle with it or adjust the temperature.


Many multi-cookers have a Fry function.  This is highly desired by consumers, because it allows you to cook French fries without a skillet or frying pan.  Some multi-cookers have a multi-cook function, which allows you to choose which ingredients you want to use.  The multi-cook function also allows you to adjust the time and temperature. That way, you can try multiple recipes and prepare any dish you desire. Another function of multi-cookers is the ability to go from making a sugary dessert to a delicious main course, such as a pot roast. The most desirable feature in a multi-cooker is the ability to transport a multi-cooker. Because a multi-cooker is dishwasher safe, you can simply put it in the dishwasher and not worry about it being ruined.

Multi-cookers also cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning up.  Just remove the steam valve before washing. Having a multi-cooker not only allows you to save time and money – it also lets you experiment with ingredients.  You can chop up some vegetables, toss them in with some rice, and cook to perfection.  All the money you spend on kitchenware adds up.

Buying separate kitchen appliances can cost hundreds of dollars. Although a very good Multi Cooker can cost a bit more than the average kitchen Appliance,  It can be a huge money saver because it eliminates the need for several Appliances in the kitchen.  Multi Cookers are portable, so you can take it with you, whether you’re visiting relatives or getting on the road.

People have less and less time to make meals today, which is why so many people have opted to throw out other small kitchen appliances in favor of multi-cookers.  Also, most kitchens today don’t have enough room to fit multiple appliances on the countertop.  One of the greatest benefits of multi-cookers is  the fact that you can do so many things with one appliance. They eliminate the need to spend hundreds of dollars on multiple kitchen appliances.