Are you looking for the best microwave ovens? Do you know what you need to consider when purchasing one? Well, read this microwave buying guide to find out.

What is a microwave oven?

A microwave oven is one of an integral part of every household these days.  It is one of the most amazing modern kitchen appliances.  If you want to buy a new microwave, here are some tips to help you buy the best microwave oven on the market that I have learned through my own experience.

Power consumption

A high-wattage microwave cooks faster. If you want a microwave, choose a microwave that gives you a choice at different levels. Also, keep in mind that the power stated by a microwave manufacturer is the maximum power that it can offer. Also, check how much power is consumed for cooking.


Capacity depends on your needs so, choose the one that suits your needs.

Portable Microwave Ovens

They are the smallest microwaves designed for portability.


Medium Microwave Ovens – They are somewhat larger than the portable ones, and you’ll find them in most households. They have useful functions like “auto-cook.”

Large Capacity – They are ideal for cooking large meals, especially roasts and turkey breasts, and have even more “home cooking” choices than the smaller ones.

Keyboard Controls

Microwaves today are equipped with many options like keyboard control. Go for one that has keys for automatic functions that helps with immediate food cooking. Also, there are additional functions that are provided by pressing a button. Or if you prefer the old microwaves with a dial then continue.


Some of the critical features of microwave ovens are automatic programs, child safety locks, cooking functions, crimping functions, temperature sensors, removable racks, etc. Choose the one that suits you. Check for the one with easy cleaning options, with removable racks and trays for cleaning the interior and exterior.

Based on design:

Select a design that will suit your kitchen interior, style, and the color of your kitchen. Choosing the right design is vital if you care about your interior and if you want to impress people. If you decide on a built-in model, make sure that your kitchen has enough space for the microwave and the exhaust fan. And as for compact, make sure you find the right place to place it.


Choose a microwave for your budget. Take a look at the ones that fall in your budget and choose the best ones. Countertops are cheaper than the built-in models. Choose the features you need and do not waste money on unnecessary features. Pay attention to the warranty service of the provider.

So, follow these tips if you are looking for microwave ovens. These may prove to be greatly advantageous to you as well as your entire food preparation experience. Apart from these, there are multiple other factors, which can be found over the internet that may help you in buying a microwave oven. Hopefully, this article gives the best buying guide to use when choosing a microwave oven.