One great advantage of over the range microwave ovens is that they open up counter space making room for other much needed small kitchen appliances.

Before you go out and invest in a new space saving microwave oven, you should consider the available options and features in today’s Under Cabinet Microwave Ovens.  For example, you may prefer to have a microwave equipped with a large turn-table to cook food evenly and or a two-level rack so that you can double down on your cooking volume.  You would also want one with the option to vent the exhaust to the out side of the house.


Sharp over range microwave oven
  • Unique, over-the-counter, 1100-watt microwave with Smart & Easy sensor technology
  • Auto-Touch control panel; 24 automatic settings; 7-digit, 2-color lighted LCD display
  • Convenient functions include Minute Plus, Keep Warm, Popcorn, and Hot Water
  • 1-1/2 cubic-foot capacity; 14-1/8-inch in diameter turntable for even heating
  • Measures 23-7/8 by 14-1/16 by 15-9/16 inches


LG Over Range Microwave Oven
LG LMV1762ST 1.7 Cu. Ft. 1000W Stainless Over-the-Range Microwave Oven
  • Over-the-Range
  • 1.7 Cu Ft Capacity
  • 1000 Watts Cooking Power
  • Dimensions (WHD): 29 7/8″ X 16 7/16″ X 15 1/8″

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How To Select The Right Over Range Microwave

Some of the desired options  would be: ability to control the power settings and should have 10 power settings, an auto-reheat button and auto defrost as well for keeping food warm while you wait for other dishes to be ready for a meal.  A quality exhaust fan is also a must to help extract the smoke and cooking odors to the exterior of the house.  This is  specially needed when  cooking on the range.

Other features to look for would be a touch pad control, a clock, kitchen timer, child safety feature and a night light.

Be Familiar With The Features and Capabilities of Your Next Microwave.

Before decide to buy a microwave it is essential that you know which features you desire in a new microwave.  How easy or difficult is it going be to install in your kitchen, do you have adequate power to operate the oven without interrupting other appliances when you turn it on.

Determine What Kind Of Microwave Oven You Want

Now that you know which microwave features you want, determine the unit size.  Ensure you have the right space to install and that the structure or cabinets that will be holding the unit are sound and well attached to the wall.

After giving size a thought you need to consider what type of microwave oven you want. That will hinge on your cooking limit. For example, microwave ovens with current upgrades will include a grill and broil arrangement, convection combinations and speed cook/halogen units.

The speed cook/halogen model has the quickest cooking speed. Compared to the traditional microwave this type of model can cook food in half the time and is especially recommended for those who want to cook large birds like turkey or a substantial amount of meat like roasts. One drawback which opposes this model is that it lacks many features that a traditional oven is incorporated with.

Microwave which integrates convection combination is perhaps the most suitable one as it halves the time required to bake a dish. It also comprises of all-inclusive features like reheating, defrosting, microwaving and convection cooking. This model is an all-rounder providing an outstanding performance.

Placement/Installation of the Over the Range Microwave Ovens

The Over the microwave oven has to be placed keeping in mind a number of things and limiting factors like:

The kitchen layout – This determines the most convenient spot for the microwave oven. Ideally, the oven should have some counter space on the side to ease placement of bowls taken out from the oven. In an L-shaped kitchen, it can be placed at the junction of the two sides since it will not mean walking all the way to a corner to use it. In a U-shaped kitchen, the sink, refrigerator and the microwave must form a triangle, to minimize effort in moving from one to the other.

A new kitchen or an old one

If a new kitchen is going to be used, the design and layout can be custom made according to the owner’s convenience and a special slot created for the microwave oven. If however, the oven has to be placed in an existing kitchen, then it may have to be placed on the countertop depending on its size and where it can fit, that is, the counter depth and that of the microwave must match. Ideally, the counter being used for the oven must be at least two inches deeper than the microwave since a gap of a couple of inches at least, if not more is recommended from the wall.

In a small kitchen with very limited counter space, a microwave may have to be placed on a table that may have to be added to the kitchen.

If space is scarce, it can be fitted over the cooking range or the refrigerator. The only drawback would be accessibility for the children. There must also be a gap of at least two feet from the cooking range.

The frequency of use is also to be borne in mind.

If the microwave is not used so much and the cooking range is used more, then it can be placed on a side as well. It can be fitted on an over the range microwave drawer under the counter and pulled out when needed. This is a great way to save space and yet have it conveniently located.

The built-in microwave is a great space saving alternative for compact kitchens. They can fit into a special slot in the wall or cabinet but it must be equipped with a power source. They need to be specially installed and cannot be just bought from the store and plugged in.

All in all when you go to purchase your over the range microwave just make sure you do your research and aren’t left wanting for more when you get home and get it installed. Especially if you’re a busy person (and unfortunately more and more people are getting busier and busier) you’ll want a Microwave that will cook you healthy meals and not just those cheap frozen dinners.