Instant Pot Vs Power Pressure Cooker a comparison of both kitchen appliances.

Instant Pot and Power Pressure Cookers are a very special breed of small kitchen appliances.  These types of kitchen appliances are designed for serving the needs of busy kitchen dwellers or small spaces where kitchen counter space is scarce.

Instant Pot is a cooker that does cooking much faster. It usually does a number of cooking activities. They can act as a yogurt maker, sterilizer, egg cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and even bake a cake.  The pot can perform a number of functions that other kitchen appliances do.

These pots are special and are uniquely designed with controls located at the pot walls. They are a number of smart buttons like reset, new dial and altitude adjustment.

How to choose an Instant Pot

For best performance consider the following factors.

Check the different models offered as they work completely differently.

The other important factor is size. Different size Instant Pot also has different abilities and limitations.

Ensure that the pot is made of stainless steel.

Advantages of using Instant Pot

  • Fast cooking – Having to wait for food to cook can be tiring. This is especially if you don’t want the recipe going wrong. With this pot, you can set the directed time on the recipe and wait comfortably. The pot cooks very fast and at the set time.
  • Adjustable cooking time – The other benefit is the ability to set time. You can engage in other activities while cooking still goes on. Since the pot allows pre-program function you can decide on what time to start cooking.
  • Saves on Energy – While using this pot there is no need for another source of energy like stove or gas. The heating surface is built-in.


Delays in heating up – Although the pot cooks fast it takes some time to heat up. It also takes some minutes to cool off the pressure. This is usually about 15 to 20 minutes to gain heat.

Cooking limitations – A number of Instapot reviews describe this pot as able to cook every recipe, however, this is not the case. The pot uses steam to cook and may not cook other recipes perfectly.

Delays in cooking – This will happen if the vent is not tightly sealed.

The pot can be used to cook the following recipes; Faux-rotisserie, chicken, eggs, maple smoked brisket, sweet potatoes, pie, guinea, beef stew, cake, sandwiches, cheesecake, chicken taco, noodle soup and also rice.

The Instapot average price is about $99.80 dollars.

Power pressure cooker

The Power Pressure Cooker uses electrical energy in cooking.  This means that it comes with an electrical cord that has to be connected to an electrical outlet.

The cooker has the capacity of 6 quarts. It also has a digital monitor for easy setting of cooking times.

It is a must have kitchen appliance for those that need canning capabilities since it facilitates canning.

Power pressure cookers usually boast easy to use control panel with buttons set for different meals although they serve the same purpose.

Advantages of power pressure cooker

  • Supports different recipes – Unlike other cookers, the pressure cooker facilitates the cooking of a number of recipes at the same pot.
  • Maintains food nutrients – The cooker uses less time cooking. This ensures that nutrients are not lost due to overcooking.
  • Cool kitchen space – The cooker maintains a cool kitchen as the heat is kept in the pot.


  • Takes time to heat up – The pressure set for cooking is not achieved immediately. May take up to 20 minutes.
  • After cooking, food usually sticks on the cooker wall.
  • Canning limitations – Although canning is one of its abilities it does not work 2000 feet higher than the sea level.

The following recipes can be cooked by the power pressure cooker; Thai green chicken curry, bacon stew, lentil, chickpeas, chorizo, America beef stew, and barbecue beans.

The powered pressure cookers average around $99.