Coffee has many great health benefits as well as a delicious aroma and flavor.  It is regarded as one of the most consumed beverages on the planet with water being number one and tea second.   But to make a great tasting cup of hot coffee or iced coffee you need the right coffee making machine.  That is what makes coffee machines a must-have kitchen appliance at home or the office. This dark and aromatic drink has been making mornings palatable for hundreds of years, yet most us don’t even know how it all started as well what the different types of coffee there are.  Be as it may be, whether you fancy a regular cup of hot or ice coffee, espresso, macchiato or cappuccino, there is a coffee maker out there for you.

What Exactly is a Coffee Machine?

Technically, a coffee making machine is a cooking device used to brew coffee.  A typical coffee maker is composed of a filtering chamber to hold ground coffee, a holding tank to hold fresh water, a glass pot that sits on a warming plate, and electronic controls for turning on and off the machine and in many semi-automatic or fully automatic coffee making controls.

How do they work?

Almost all coffee makers work relatively in the same way.  Heated water flows through the systems on through the filtered chamber that holds the ground coffee picking the coffee oil, and a tasty dark delicious beverage flows into the holding coffee pot or in some cases your coffee cup.

Here Are Some Basic Steps:

  • Freshwater is pored and stored in the water reservoir.
  • Ground coffee is placed in the filtering chamber.
  • Once the coffee maker is turned on, the heating elements heat the fresh water until the water reaches optimum temperature.
  • The hot water then moves up into a drip area where it drips on to the ground coffee.
  • This passes through the coffee grinds, through a filter producing that exquisite and delicious liquid we’ve all have come to know and love.

Types of Coffee Machines And Their Advantages

Automatic Coffee Machines

If you love a truly home made from scratch cup of coffee, than you will love to have an a Fully Automatic Coffee Maker.  They are the ultimate in both home and commercial coffee making.  The automatic coffee making machine handles everything from grinding roasted coffee beans, heating the water and brewing coffee.  There are also some that come with an option of brewing a delicious cup of cappuccino by the use of a frothing wand.

Advantages of Automatic Coffee Makers

  • Can be programmed to start automatically at a predetermined time
  • Takes care of the entire process
  • Makes coffee quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean

Drip Filter Coffee Machines

Drip filtered coffee is made by pouring hot almost to boiling point water though ground coffee either manually or by mans of an electric filtering coffee machine.  The common drip filter coffee machine is composed of a chamber to hold fresh water, a canister that holds a coffee filter where the ground coffee is placed, a glass coffee pot and hot plate to keep the coffee hot after is brewed.  Keep in mind that the longer the coffee is kept on the plate the more the flavor changes.

Advantages of Filter Coffee Machines

  • Very easy to use
  • Can be used to make many servings
  • They tend to be very affordable
  • Very convenient
  • Easy to clean

Single Serve, Capsule or Pod Coffee Machines

If you are a person on the go that loves a quick delicious cup of coffee any time of the day, but don’t have the time to measure coffee, grind, boiling water in a kettle to make instant coffee –  Then a Pod or Single Cup coffee machine can be the right fit for you. Single Cup or Pod coffee making machines are very easy to use.  Fill the reservoir with fresh water, install your favorite flavored Coffee Pod, turn the coffee maker on, the machine heats the water and when the water has reached the right temperature, it flows through the pod into a cup.

Advantages Of Single Cup Coffee Making Machines

  • They are easy to clean
  • They are simple and easy to use
  • Ideal for no-mess no hassle coffee making
  • Very convenient to use

Espresso Machines

These kinds of coffee making machines are well known all over the world for their ability to make a rich thick and great tasting strong coffee.  They work in the same way as all other automatic coffee machines. To brew your favorite espresso, the espresso machine forces pressurized water (near boiling point) first through a coffee-ground container and a then filter.  In most espresso machines, water moves through four distinct phases – water source, pump, boiler, and steam wand or group head. The result is a delicious, thick and very concentrated coffee.

Benefits of Having Your Own Espresso Maker

Money Savings – If you are an espresso or cappuccino coffee lover you owe it to yourself to consider investing in an Espresso Machine.  When you consider the cost per cup, the time it takes to go to your favorite coffee shop, park your vehicle, stand in line and finally get your delicious cup of espresso coffee.  Compared to the initial cost, the saving is substantial. Convenience –  Picture this, it is 6 AM any day in any town, birds are chirping the rooster is crowing (in some areas), you place one or two scoops of freshly ground coffee into the espresso coffee maker’s coffee chamber and hit start.  Soon, you have one or two cups of hot delicious eye-opening cups of espresso coffee. Easy to Use – Espresso machines are relatively easy to use.  They all work is the same way.   Add fresh water, pour fresh ground coffee, place your favorite espresso coffee cups, turn the machine on, let it reach optimum temperature, press one or two cups of coffee and watch it do its magic.  That’s it!

Why Would I Need a Coffee Making Machine?

Most appliances especially kitchen appliances are becoming more of a necessity than a need nowadays.  For instance, many people are investing in dishwashers when they seem to have managed quite well for years without them.  Coffee machines are no different.  They have transformed how people take coffee both at home and in restaurants.  All you have to do is press a button, and in less than a minute or so, you have a well brewed and high-quality cup of coffee. Other reasons why need these machines include: Convenience – You can enjoy a high-quality beverage quickly and conveniently.  Additionally, if you are serving may people, the machine can save you effort and time with its ability to serve coffee quickly. Saves money -You don’t need to go to coffee shops for espresso anymore.  No more spending thousands of dollars for just a single cup of coffee! They are Portable – Most of them are small, and you can carry it with you to anywhere you want. Promotes creativity – Gives an opportunity to mix and brew like a barrister in the comfort of your home.  You can take 2 or 3 different varieties of coffee and then brew them together to come up with your own special blend of coffee.

Choosing the right machine for your office or home

Although the coffee maker market is awash with various types and brands of coffee machines, understanding them can go a long way in simplifying the purchasing process.  Here is what to look for when buying a coffee machine:

  • Simple and clear controls
  • An adjustable grinder – should allow you to adjust the grind to suit the machine and bean.
  • Space – If you have enough space you can go for a big one but if you are limited on space go for one that occupies less space.
  • A cup-warming tray – Helps keep your cups warm for longer.
  • Other essential features include an adjustable height sprout for larger cups, an adjustable coffee volume, and an empty tank reminder.

Choosing the right coffee machine depends on several factors, the space available, the type of coffee you prefer, your lifestyle and cost.  Whatever one of these factors, you can be sure that there is a perfect coffee maker for you.

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