BLACK+DECKER TO3250XSB 8-Slice Extra Wide Convection Countertop Toaster Oven

The Black And Decker 8 Slice Extra Wide Convection Toaster Oven is truly a beautiful piece of machine. It is proudly made by Black and Decker who is traditionally known for making energy efficient and reliable products. For the features and options, This Black + Decker is a great buy under $100 and a must-have for any kitchen.

Some Awesome Features of the Black And Decker 8 Slice Extra Wide Convection Toaster Oven:

Extra Wide Interior

This toaster can handle toasting up to 8 slices of bread at one time or a 12” pizza. It can accommodate most oven pans –easily fitting a 9X13 baking pan, so you can make all your favorite meals easily

Convection Heating

It comes with a powerful convection fan that circulates the warm air throughout the oven for fast and even cooking. This is great because it provides even cooking temperature for cooking in a fraction of the time, so your meals come out perfectly cooked each time.

Dedicated Toast Timer

Perfect toast is a cinch with the dedicate toast timer that can be programmed to give you toast done just the way you like it.

Fits Large Pans

You can use the same pans you use on your conventional oven.  It can fit a 9″ X 13 pan with handles.  As a plus, the included baking and broiling pan fits very nicely.

60-minute Timer

The hour-long timer also features stay-on functionality for longer baking tasks, so you never lose track of your meals.

Easy Cleaning

The removable crumb tray makes it easy to clean the toaster and keep the counter top clean.

The Black And Decker 8 Slice Extra Wide Convection Toaster can make your life much easier.  With extra wide interiors, you can use it for lasagna, 12″ pizzas, and other favorite dishes.  You won’t have to wait for your conventional oven to preheat anymore.

With a price of under $100, is an ideal Toaster for your kitchen.

What Some Happy People Are Saying About The Black And Decker 8 Slice Extra Wide Convection Toaster Oven

We Use Our Toaster Oven A Lot

“We used the same toaster oven for the first 7 years of our marriage. My husband complained time and time again about how ugly it was getting and that we needed to upgrade. Well, I did that for Father’s Day! Now, we use our toaster ovens a lot. Literally on a daily basis. We use it for all of the regular things that you would expect like toast, bagels, frozen prepared meals, pizza, etc. We actually don’t have a microwave so we use it to warm up all of our food as well! So it is used for almost every meal of the day.”

It Fits 9X# Casserole

“Does it fit a 9×13 casserole dish with handles? Heck yeah…and then some. We are cooking dishes in our toaster oven that feed a family of 5. We have owned this for a week now and have not turned on our full-size oven yet. Seriously. We may miss a full oven around the holidays, but 363 days a year we will probably wonder why we have a full oven taking up so much space. We have joked about getting another one for when we need “double ovens”. At $50….why not?”

I Can Definitely Recommend This Model

“I have been using a small toaster oven for several years, and recently had an opportunity to replace it with this new model from Black and Decker. After using it for several weeks, I can definitely recommend this model to anyone looking for a toaster oven with generous space, with easy-to-use controls, and which cooks fast.”

Source: Amazon Product Reviews